CharityComms articles

From making “sign off” less stressful to writing your elevator pitch, I have written articles for the CharityComms website since the organisation was set up in 2007.

I really enjoy sharing insights, tips and ideas on the website of the membership network for charity communications professionals.

Here are some links to my articles:

Four communications lessons from collaborative campaigns

Pooling your resources with other organisations can help you reach and inspire new audiences. What are the main lessons charity communicators can learn from recent prominent collaborative campaigns?

Ten top tips for online job interviews

Online job interviews are becoming the norm. Here are 10 things you can do to help you feel prepared, as calm as possible and ready to shine in an online interview.

How to make ‘sign off’ less stressful

How do you take the pain out of sign off? Here are five tips that aim to help you make sure your donors’ money is spent on communications projects that truly help your charity get closer to achieving its vision.

So, what do you do? A five-step plan to writing your elevator pitch

Here are some key steps to coming up with inspiring “boilerplate copy” that will help you build lasting relationships and motivate audiences to get involved.

Five ways charity communicators can emotionally protect themselves

Charity communicators need to prioritise their own, and colleagues, self-care. Then we’ll be better able to serve the people our charities support. Here are five ideas to help you better take take care of yourself as a charity communicator.

What not to include in your annual review

It could be your charity’s equivalent of a Christmas shop window display at Harrods or a summer blockbuster trailer. Your annual review could be brilliant. It can offer readers a snapshot of everything that you do that is amazing so that they feel excited about, and want to champion, your work.

Cutting through charity comms jargon to the essentials

With clarity, purpose and our audience in mind. That’s how we communicate in charity comms, right? Well, not always. And not speaking the same language can hinder the causes we work for. Your membership proposition, for example, might be my brand story. Another charity’s message matrix could be completely different to the content in yours

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