Time to Change: brochure

When you’re a new charity, sometimes it can be difficult to succinctly write about what you do in leaflets, brochures and on websites. To write concisely about why you do what you do, and the impact you hope to have with your work.

You’re so involved in figuring out what your aims are, with funding applications to help you fulfil them and are used to talking in the kind of language that the people you work with understand.

It’s a problem. One that I helped mental health charity Time to Change with.


Time to Change needed a jargon-free brochure that explained the two strands to their work challenging discrimination, and improving well-being and that revealed how one common theme bought all of this together: social inclusion.

Working closely with the Time to Change communications and policy teams, I wrote a 16-page brochure about the charity’s work.

It had to appeal to everyone from potential campaigners to people with mental health problems, corporate sponsors to NHS Trusts.

Engaging readers

So, I used easy to understand language to explain Time to Change’s vision, case studies to show the impact of their work (with partners as well as individuals) and well-structured copy with lots of subheads, bullet points and box-outs to keep readers engaged.

Time to Change were really pleased with how the brochure looks.

Download the brochure here.

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