Soil Association: web copy

About half of the copywriting work I do is writing web copy.

Often the challenge clients come to me with is to apply their new brand and tone of voice to web content.

This is how my colleague Sarah Myers and I started to work with the Soil Association in early 2015. They’d started work on their new tone of voice but didn’t have boilerplate copy they were happy with.

We worked with various teams, from the certification arm of the organisation, as well as charity contacts, to write key pages for the Soil Association’s new website. This included working on “who we are” copy and their membership proposition, and key landing pages.

As well as writing copy from scratch, Sarah and I have edited content written by internal staff, providing feedback on why we’ve made changes. The aim is to help the Soil Association manage content for their new site internally, supporting staff to understand the new tone of voice.

The Soil Association is a unique organisation because the work they do improving the food that we produce and eat is complex. It has been a pleasure to help the organisation unravel the impact of their work so that more people will join their good food movement.

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