Barnardo’s: e-newsletter

They’re an increasingly important audience for charity communicators.

As donations from the public continue to fall, successful charity partnerships with companies provide vital funding for the third sector which is why communicating with the corporate audience is key.

But these partnerships aren’t just about money. To communicate with CSR managers and HR executives in such a way that implies they are could lose your charity the benefits partnerships with companies offer.

I worked with Barnardo’s to communicate with current and potential corporate partners via an e-newsletter. It aimed to show the benefits of these mutually beneficial partnerships.

Highlighting the benefits

I came up with the structure for the e-newsletter which was based on interviews with people in the charity corporate partnership sector. This included Barnardo’s corporate partners and managers of companies supporting other third sector organisations.

Every other month the e-newsletter highlighted best practice in the charity corporate partnership sector and the benefits derived from such collaborations for both corporates and charities.

Read the Barnardo’s in Business e-newsletter.